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Curlew. Liz Cutting

Assessing drivers of winter abundance change in  Eurasian Curlews Numenius arquata in England and Wales

2022 | Woodward, I.D., Austin, G.E., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K Bird Study

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Peer-reviewed papers
Wildflower Patch. John Redhead / BTO

The effects of a decade of agri-environment intervention in a lowland farm landscape on population trends of birds and butterflies

Can agri-environment schemes achieve positive outcomes for nature?

2022 | Redhead, J. W., Hinsley, S. A., Botham, M. S., Broughton, R. K., Freeman, S. N., Bellamy, P. E., Siriwardena, G., Randle, Z., Nowakowski, M., Heard, M. S. & Pywell, R., F. Journal of Applied Ecology

Peer-reviewed papers
Gannets, by Edmund Fellowes/BTO

Mismatches in scale between highly mobile marine megafauna and marine protected areas

Are marine protected areas working?

2022 | Connors, M.G., Sinnon, N.B., Agamboue, P.D., Atkinson, P.W., Bayliss, A., Benson, S.R., Block, B.A., Bograd, S.J., Bordino, B., Bowen, D., Brickle, P., Bruno, I., Carman, V.G., Champagne, C.D., Crocker, D., Costa, D.P., Dawson, T.M., Deguchi, T., Dewar, H., Doherty, P.D., Eguchi, T., Formia, A., Godley, B.J., Graham, R.T., Gredzens, C., Hart, K.M., Hawkes, L.A., Henderson, S. Henry, W., Hückstädt, L.A., Irvine, L., Kienle, S., Kuhn, C.E., Lidgard, D., Loredo, S.A., Mate, B., Metcalfe, K., Nzegoue, J., Oliwina, C.K.K., Orben, R.A., Ozaki, K., Parnell, R., Pike, E.P., Robinson, P.,. Rosenbaum, H., Sato, S., Shaffer, S.A., Shaver, D.J., Simmons, S.E., Sisson, N.B., Smith, B.J., Sounguet, G.P., Suryan, R., Thompson, D.R., Tierney, M., Tilley, D., Young, H.S., Warwick-Evans, V., Weise, M.J., Wells, R.S., Wilkinson, B.P., Witt, M.J. & Maxwell, S.M. Frontiers in Marine Science

Peer-reviewed papers
A speckly brown wading bird with a red bill standing in a field

Loss of breeding waders from key lowland grassland sites in Northern Ireland

2022 | Booth Jones, K.A., O’Connell, P., Wolsey, S., Carrington-Cotton, A., Noble, D.G., McCulloch, N. & Calladine, J.R. Irish Birds

Peer-reviewed papers
Barnacle Geese by Edmund Fellowes

Transatlantic spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 by wild birds from Europe to North America in 2021

Wild birds take highly pathogenic avian influenza from Europe to North America

2022 | Caliendo. V., Lewis, N.S., Pohlmann, A., Baillie, S.R., Banyard, A.C., Beer, M., Brown, I.H., Fouchier, R.A.M., Hansen, R.D.E., Lameris, T.K., Lang, A.S., Laurendaeu, S., Lung, O., Robertson, G., van der Jeugd, H., Alkie, T.N., Thorup, K., van Toor, M.L., Waldenstrom, J., Yason, C., Kuiken, T. & Berhane, Y. Scientific Reports

Peer-reviewed papers
Herring Gulls and Lesser Black-backed Gulls nesting inland. Edmund Fellowes

Urban and coastal breeding lesser black-backed gulls (Larus fuscus) segregate by foraging habitat

2022 | Langley, L.P., Bearhop, S., Burton, N.H.K., Banks, A.N., Frayling, T., Thaxter, C., Clewley G., Scragg, E. & Votier, S.C. Ibis

Peer-reviewed papers
Sandwich Tern. Dennis Atherton / BTO

Relative roles of static and dynamic abiotic conditions as drivers of foraging behaviour in breeding Sandwich Terns

2022 | Fijn, R.C. Thaxter, C.B., Geert Aarts, G., Adema, J., Middelveld, R.P. & van Bemmelen, R.S.A. Marine Ecology Press

Peer-reviewed papers
Swift. Philip Croft / BTO

A 30,000-km journey by Apus apus pekinensis tracks arid lands between northern China and south-western Africa

Exciting research conducted by an international team shines a new light on Swift migration.

2022 | Zhao, Y., Zhao, X., Wu, L., Mu, T., Yu, F., Kearsley, L., Liang, X., Fu, J., Hou, X., Peng, P., Li, X., Zhang, T., Yan, S., Newell, D., Hewson, C. M., Townshend, T., Åkesson, S., and Liu, Y. Movement Ecology

The Breeding Bird Survey Report
Red Kite by Philip Croft / BTO

The Breeding Bird Survey 2021

Results from the latest Breeding Bird Survey report provides a stark warning for five of the UK's internationally important breeding wader species

2022 | Harris, S.J., Massimino, D., Balmer, D.E., Kelly, L., Noble, D.G., Pearce-Higgins, J.W., Woodcock, P., Wotton, S. & Gillings, S.

Research Reports
Cormorant by John Harding

Definition of Favourable Conservation Status for Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo

2022 | Newson, S. & Austin, G, Natural England Report

Peer-reviewed papers
White Stork by John Proudlock, BTO

Timing is critical: consequences of asynchronous migration for the performance and destination of a long-distance migrant

Timing is critical for a long-distance migrant

2022 | Acácio, M., Catry, I., Soriano‑Redondo, A., Silva, J.P., Atkinson, P.W. & Franco, A.M.A. Movement Ecology

Peer-reviewed papers
Blackbird by Sarah Kelman

Combining host and vector data informs emergence and potential impact of an Usutu virus outbreak in UK wild birds

Charting the impact of a Usutu virus outbreak in UK Blackbirds

2022 | Lawson, B., Robinson, R.A., Briscoe, A., Cunningham, A.A., Fooks, A.R., Heaver, J.P., Hernández-Triana, L.M., John, S.K., Johnson, N., Johnston, C., Lean, F.Z.X., Macgregor, S.K., Masters, N., McCracken, F., McElhinney, L.M., Medlock, J.M., Pearce-Kelly, P., Seilern-Moy, K., Spiro, S., Vaux, A.G.C. & Folly, A.J. Scientific Reports

The identification of the Usutu virus in Greater London in the summer of 2020 raises questions about the extent of the incursion and its impacts on wild bird populations.

Peer-reviewed papers
Clouded Yellow butterfly, by Mike Toms / BTO

Bioclimatic context of species' populations determines community stability.

2022 | Evans, L. C., Melero, Y., Schmucki, R., Boersch-Supan, P. H., Brotons, L., Fontaine, C., Jiguet, F., Kuussaari, M., Massimino, D., Robinson, R. A., Roy, D. B., Schweiger, O., Settele, J., Stefanescu, C., van Turnhout, C. A., & Oliver, T. H. Global Ecology and Biogeography

Research Reports
Tagged gull in flight by Katherine Booth Jones

Belfast’s urban gulls: an assessment of breeding populations, breeding season movements and winter population

2022 | Booth Jones, K., Thaxter, C., Clewley, G., Wolsey, S., Calbrade, N., Atkinson, P., Calladine, J. & Burton, N.

Peer-reviewed papers
Thetford Forest. Mike Toms / BTO

Recommendations to enhance breeding bird diversity in managed plantation forests determined using LiDAR

2022 | Tew, E. R., Conway, J. C., Henderson, I. G., Milodowski, D. T., Swinfield, T., Sutherland, W. J. Ecological Applications

Peer-reviewed papers
BBS volunteer, by David Tipling / BTO

Estimating the carbon footprint of citizen science biodiversity monitoring

The carbon footprint of biodiversity monitoring

2022 | Gillings, S. & Harris, S.J. People & Nature

Whilst it is essential that we have accurate information about how wildlife is faring in this changing world, we also need to be mindful of the carbon footprint generated by monitoring activities.

Research Reports
Knot, by Liz Cutting BTO

A review of the BTO/RSPB/JNCC Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) Low Tide Counts scheme with recommendations for its future operation.

2022 | Clewley, G.D., Calbrade, N.A., Austin, G.E., Frost, T.M. & Burton, N.H.K.

Peer-reviewed papers
Woodland, by Mike Toms / BTO

Impact of woodland agri-environment management on woodland structure and target bird species

2022 | Bellamy, P.E., Charman, E.C., Riddle, N., Kirby, W.B., Broome, A.C., Siriwardena, G.M., Grice, P.V., Peach, W.J. & Gregory, R.D. Journal of Environmental Management

Research Reports
Bird survey volunteers, David Tipling

An introduction to model-based data integration for biodiversity assessments

Utilising more data for better biodiversity assessments

2022 | Mancini, F., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Robinson, R.A., Harris, M. & Pocock, M.J.O.

From volunteer surveys to environmental DNA, how can we integrate the many different types of data to better understand birds? 

Peer-reviewed papers
Curlew. Liz Cutting

Assessing drivers of winter abundance change in  Eurasian Curlews Numenius arquata in England and Wales

2022 | Woodward, I.D., Austin, G.E., Boersch-Supan, P.H., Thaxter, C.B. & Burton, N.H.K Bird Study


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