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Grove II

Named after an area near the sponsor's home which has been a reliable place to hear a Cuckoo over recent years.

Grove II, Wildgoose Rural Training Centre, 2022. PTT 232674.
Tuesday, May 17, 2022 - 06:00
Tagging Location:
Wildgoose, Worcestershire
Age when found:
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Grove II's journey from 17 May 2022 to 05 August 2022

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Grove II's movements

28 Jul 2022 - Grove II moves east to Burkina Faso

Having spent the last couple of weeks in Mali, Grove II has set off on his journey east across Africa to the Congo Basin. Updates received last night showed that he was moving through southern Mali towards the eastern border and the latest update which arrived at around 4am this morning showed that he was approaching the Tui Forest in south west Burkina Faso.  

11 Jul 2022 - Grove II takes on the Sahara

Since our last update Grove II has departed from Spain and flown approximately 2,500km (1,553 miles) south, crossing the Mediterannean and entering Africa. By 22:50 last night he had reached central Mauritania and was approximately 136km (85 miles) north east of the town of Tidjikja - famous for its Palm trees and dates. He is now passing through the Tagant Plateau, a stony part of the Sahar desert. 

07 Jul 2022 - Grove II visits Spain

Having crossed the Channel to northern France, Grove II has flown 913km (568 miles) south to north central Spain. A series of updates received early yesterday morning showed that he spent most of the morning in the area around the village of Retiendas in the province of Guadalajar, 68km (42 miles) north of Madrid. 

04 Jul 2022 - Grove II arrives in France

New updates from Grove II's tag received early this morning show that he is now in northern France. At 8:38am this morning he was in some woodland just south of the town of Les Monts d'Aunay in Calvados, north western France.

13 Jun 2022 - Introducing Grove II

Grove II is one of two birds tagged in Worcestershire in the spring of 2022, along with Ripple. They join our third Worcs Cuckoo Calypso, tagged in 2021. Like Calypso, Grove II was tagged at Wild Goose Nature Reserve in Worcestershire. We set the nets in the exact same configuration that we used for Calypso. It was at the end of the day, with showers abating and when the conditions were right we turned on the MP3 system. Very little happened but we could hear a Cuckoo on the other side of the reserve... but he couldn't hear the MP3. I took a spare system half way between him and our nets. On playing he flew from his perch towards the nets and then heard the calls and flew straight into the net. He was then tagged in the comfort of a Wild Goose training area room and released over the fields with rare breed sheep, during a lovely sunset. It’ll be interesting to see how similar Calypso and Grove II’s travels are. Grove II’s tag was generously funded by an anonymous donor after the area near their home where they reliably hear a Cuckoo each year.

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