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Named by Dr Malcolm Summers for his son Daniel, whom he describes as an amazing man who teaches Maths to A-level. Malcolm said that it will be great to know that a bird will be singing somewhere with his name.

Daniel the Cuckoo
Saturday, June 5, 2021 - 04:55
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Lake Vyrnwy, Powys
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Daniel's journey from 02 May 2022 to 03 August 2022

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Daniel's movements

28 Jul 2022 - Daniel moves back in southern France

Having reached northern Italy, Daniel has flown 128km (80 miles) north west back into southern France. He is now on the lower slopes of Mont Brequin in the Vanoise Massif mountain range of the Western Alps. Daniel made his move to Africa on 12 August last year so he may linger in France/Italy a couple more weeks yet. 

08 Jul 2022 - Daniel reaches northern Italy

A few lower quality locations suggest that Daniel has progressed south east through France over the last few days, reaching Lyon by Tuesday morning. He has since crossed the Alps into northern Italy and by 06:30 this morning was nearing the town of Alba in the Piedmont region of Italy. Last year he arrived in northern Italy on 7th July and remained here, close to the town of Garlasco in Lombardy until 12th August when he crossed the Sahara. 

01 Jul 2022 - Daniel departs for France

Overnight Daniel has left the UK and arrived in France. He has flown 410km (255 miles) to his new location close to Dourdan in the Essonne department in Île-de-France, approximately 47km (30 miles) south west of Paris. 

30 Jun 2022 - Daniel visits Bedfordshire

Daniel has finally departed his breeding grounds at Lake Vyrnwy and flown 217km (135 miles) south east to the fine county of Bedfordshire. He spent a couple of hours Tuesday evening in and around the village of Marston Moreteyne - did anyone see or hear him? By 10pm on Tuesday evening he was near Langford, just south of Biggleswade. It'll be interesting to see where he travels to next. 

27 Jun 2022 - Daniel is back at Lake Vyrnwy

Having spent the last week or so visiting the Llanymynech area, Daniel has flown the 29km (18 miles) west, back to his breeding grounds on the southern shore of Lake Vyrnwy. Perhaps he was struggling to find a good enough food supply and so returned to an area that he was familiar with and could be more confident would hold the food supply that he needs. 

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