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Press releases

Date No.
August 2022 Record summer for ‘hummingbirds’ in UK gardens 2022-31
July 2022 Find a feather – a seaside treasure hunt 2022-30
July 2022 Bowie the Curlew flees from fire – but has his luck run out? 2022=29
July 2022 Some Don't Like it Hot 2022-28
July 2022 Star speakers announced for 2022 Spurn Migfest 2022-29
June 2022 Farewell to PJ the super Cuckoo 2022-27
May 2022 Search begins for the Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder 2022-26
April 2022 Time to help monitor the birds you love 2022-18
April 2022 Can citizen science provide a solution for bat-friendly planning? 2022-15
April 2022 New study offers hope that conservation can help nature adapt to climate change 2022-17
March 2022 Herons and Scottish Islands 2022-13
March 2022 Britain’s BirdTrack birdwatchers share vital non-bird observations with national iRecord 2022-11
March 2022 Place your bets on where gulls might turn up in winter 2022-10
March 2022 Northern Ireland’s seabirds experience mixed fortunes: Rathlin’s cliffs are groaning with Guillemots but Fulmar are in free-fall. 2022-08
March 2022 Swallows have started spending the winter in Britain instead of migrating 6,000 miles to South Africa, according to the British Trust for Ornithology. 2022-09
February 2022 A burning question: how does timing of breeding of upland birds affect risk posed by moorland burning? 2022-05
February 2022 First year of a four-year survey discovers five new species of bat for the Bailiwick of Guernsey 2022-06
February 2022 Was bird monitoring immune to COVID-19? 2022-02
February 2022 The BB/BTO Best Bird Book of the Year 2021 2022-04
February 2022 Volunteers provide vital new information on the UK's breeding Tawny Owls 2022-01
January 2022 Extinct Chernobyl eagle back from the dead 2022-03
December 2021 Garden birds that head north for the winter 2021-59
December 2021 A quiet Christmas? How Britain & Ireland’s breeding birds fared in 2021 2021-61
December 2021 The Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the Year 2021-60
December 2021 Hampshire Ornithologist receives recognition from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) 2021-55
December 2021 Welsh Ornithologist receive national recognition for his work in Wales 2021-54
December 2021 Yorkshire Ornithologist receives recognition from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) 2021-53
December 2021 Uncovering the movements of one of Europe’s rarest eagles 2021-51
December 2021 The Duke of Cambridge meets with British Trust for Ornithology’s young citizen scientists 2021-56
November 2021 West Midlands bird study group receive one of ornithology’s top awards. 2021-44